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Women's Roster

Karyn Abraham

I’ve been racing mountain bikes on and off since I was 18. Wow, that was a long time ago! During those "off years" I explored other sports but have always come back to cycling. I’ve branched out to other disciplines in recent years and cyclocross is my current favorite…unless I fall in love with road racing next spring. I enjoy the challenge of racing and look forward to a great 2012 season.

  • Road: Cat 4
  • Cross: Cat 4
  • MTB: Sport

Linda Coppa

After many years of racing primarily on the road I became hooked on the fast speeds of track racing at the Marymoor Velodrome in Redmond. I race on Friday nights. The velodrome is great for spectating so come out and watch. I like to race aggressively and to attack when least expected. I also race the single speed cross category during the fall.

  • Road: Cat 2
  • Track: Cat 3

Jody Connolly

I have been on the team with my husband for one year. Prior to that, my racing experience has been on mountain bike rides chasing my husband through the woods. After having our second child he asked what would make ME happy regarding my own recreation "Meeting some other women who love to ride!". I am a happy girl when I am on a bike feeling the terrain changing under my wheels, smell the fresh NW air, and am learning how to ride better and better. Mountain biking is my first love (which I share with my husband) cross is my new passion, and road is a necessary transportation mode - I get thrills when I pass a car waiting in traffic. I also get so excited watching and cheering on teammates with my kids.

  • Cross: Cat 1/2/SS
  • MTB: Expert

Marne Fox-Barrow

I grew up in Indiana, moved to Washington State in '93, and discovered mountain biking through a wonderful guy, who became my husband eventually. I started out on a Trek 800 with the basket pedal cages. My first MTB experience was with my not yet husband at Tapeworm during a nice sopping rainstorm and vowed to never go there again. He kept on me, took me to graduating rides, and over the years I developed my skills along with help from the Spokes Women's Camp up at Whistler one year...a graduation present after finishing PA school at UW. I love the trails, the roots, the drops, the skinnies, the flow, the turns, the rocks, and the people I have met through the sport. Most if not all of my close friends mountain bike or participate in some biking discipline. It is a passion almost to the point of obsession...I haven't quit my job yet! I recently discovered cyclocross through my now teammate Robbie Phillips and Sharon Gregg-Ellis and now I am hooked to yet another 2 wheel sport. 2012 was my first season and I went into it just hoping to get the hang of it, hone my skills, and work on my fitness. Who would know I'd end up getting 3rd in the Seattle Cyclocross Series for Cat 4 Women's masters +35. I raced the MFG series, but did not do as strongly since their courses seemed to be more favorable for road riders, which I am not. I commute in the late Spring and Summer 1 day a week from Duvall to Sultan and back, occasionally do a road ride or 2 with some friends, but it isn't my favored discipline. I will be attempting to race and survive the BuDu Series in the Expert category this year, but hope to do a little more recreational riding with my husband, since he sacrificed the late fall for my Cx season. We ride MTBs year round and usually take a spring or summer trip somewhere to ride. We love to ride in Bend OR, Fruita CO, Winthrop WA, B'ham WA, and recently discovered that Brown County State Park in IN has some stellar trails there...makes me wish I had started MTB sooner in life. I am hoping to continue as many years as I can to stay up right in the saddle and enjoy the beautiful trails, the wonderful folks along the way, and the feeling of peace when I'm on my bike. Thanks for taking me onto the team and I have enjoyed making new friends and sharing my passion of the sport with like minded people.

  • Cross: Cat 4

Andrea Leuschke

My brother gave me a cyclocross bike for my birthday and made me to join the team in 2010. I had no previous bike racing experience, but enjoyed cyclocross racing tremendously last season. Cyclocross is a great quick fix for my needs to get out and dirty, exhausted and face live on a very elemental level - me against nature. I love the Blue Roosters for being so family friendly and supportive.

  • Cross: Cat 4

Michelle Petrick

I have been a road bike rider for many years mainly for training in the off season for skiing. After having my boys I decided to train for sprint triathlons knowing that the bike segment would be my strongest link. I was introduced to cross racing by a friend three seasons ago but got more serious about it the past two seasons. This is now a "sick" passion for me. I love the start to finish action and pushing the limits of my fitness. I'm hoping to gain more strength, endurance and experience through road racing and training with a team.

  • Road CAT 4
  • Cross CAT 3

Robbie Phillips

Life seen from a bicycle just seems better to me. I always loved the freedom a bicycle gave me when I was a kid. Now I enjoy the escape it gives me as an adult. I commute to work by bike, and relish the time to compress between work and home. But my favorite riding happens on dirt. I love riding my mountain bike in the woods, the dance of the singletrack and the sound of the forest. I started racing because it seemed like a great way to see new places to ride and I really enjoy the challenge of chasing someone other than my husband around. I also race cyclocross--tried it a couple of years ago and totally got hooked. Who knew hurting so bad could also be such great fun?! I've really enjoyed racing and getting to know this amazing community.

  • Cross: Cat 3
  • MTB: expert

Eva Wong

Eva Wong started riding with my Big Wheel trike and never went back. I joined the team with cyclocross in 2010 and started mountain biking shortly afterwards. I'm hooked on the mud and the quiet forests with just you and the birdsongs. Other athletic passions are skate skiing, swimming, ice hockey, kitesurfing, and yoga.

  • Cross: Cat 4
  • MTB: Sport