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Men's Roster

Geoff Andrist

New to bike racing, I come from triathlon and endurance cycling background. I'm a manager of a local house cleaning company, certified personal trainer, and enjoy teaching group cycling at a couple area YMCA's. I've been blessed with a great cycling supportive wife and have two little girls ages 7 and 5 who are already taking an interest in racing...(yes, hopeful daddy). Double centuries and epic hill climbs on mountain passes have been my favorite until now... I currently race Cyclocross as a newbie "mud rooster", and will be a newbie in Track racing as well when the season starts. Really enjoying Cyclocross (as you can tell in my picture), and mostly really enjoy the team support! Already made some great friends amongst our team members, and enjoy the support/supporting of others.

  • Road: Cat 4
  • Cross: Cat 4

Rob Born

I got my first taste of real road riding in high school thanks to a good friend that was an aspiring triathlete, and needed a riding partner. From there, it just took off! I got hooked on competitive road racing during my first year of college with our collegiate team (Cal Poly in San Luis Obispo, CA), at a time when collegiate cycling was in its infancy and just starting to pick up speed. Five years later, having contributed to several regional championships and a national championship for Cal Poly, I hung up the bike as I graduated and moved on to the "realities" of post-college life and a real job. Almost 10 years went by before I got the bug to dust off the old bike, once again thanks to some adventure racing/triathlete friends that wanted a riding partner. So here we are, trying to balance work, life, an 18 month old little baby boy, and my passion for cycling. As years go by, I'm having less and less time to train, but still enjoy going out on group rides and mixing it up in local road and mountain bike races. And when I'm not out riding in my spare time, you'll likely find me out kayaking the San Juan’s, Deception Pass, or any other relatively flat waters around the Puget Sound.

  • Road: Masters C
  • MTB: Sport
  • Cross: Cat 3

Erik Brooks

After over a decade of racing on XC skis and also biking all over, I had to try bike racing. I focus on cyclocross, and do most of the Seattle cyclocross series, the MFG cyclocross series, and the Indie Mountain bike series. I love the challenge of going fast over technical trails with loose traction. I like variety - jock of all trails, master of none.

  • Cross: Cat 3
  • MTB: Sport
  • Road: Cat 4 (on rare occasion)

Brendan Connolly

Bicycles are the perfect machine, fusing art and design with energy efficiency, speed and versatility: this serves as a primary inspiration for me as an architect devoted to sustainable high performing building design. I race on knobbies only, because cross and mountain trails challenge me to be in the moment, soak in the ever changing landscape and not let my mind drift to the future or past. Here, right here, nowhere else. Go fast, climb hard, grin alot. ·

I have been racing for 5 years – Cross for 5, Mountain for 3. On a mountain bike for about 16 years, started racing after we had kids so that Jodi and I could continue what we used to love to do together. ·

Goals for the season – have fun, take a stab at the Indie Series and Seattle cyclocross podiums as often as possible, learn something new, share all this with my family.

  • Cross: Cat 1
  • MTB: Open/Expert SS

Quinn Dusenberry

I've been living in the Seattle area for over 30 years, biking for the last 6 or so. I was a bit of a late starter when it comes to exercise and fitness, but I've been pretty serious with cycling for about 6 years now. I initially started commuting, but when I discovered that sprint triathlons matched what I was already doing for swimming, biking and running, I decided to give it a try. I bought a used road bike and rode it quite a bit over the next several years. Last year, at the prompting of an old high school friend, I was coerced into doing STP. Having never ridden more than 70 miles in a single ride, I was a little bit intimidated by the prospect of a 200 mile ride, but after a ton of training rides last year, I went ahead and did it. I used the STP training as a good reason to buy a better road bike, and then took my old road bike and converted it to cyclocross and did a couple races at the end of the season last year. This showed that I had done a good job training for distance riding but does almost nothing to prepare you for cyclocross racing. My season is going much better this year and I hope to continue to improve and add some road racing to my cycling pursuits.

  • Road: Cat 4
  • Cross: Cat 4

Christopher Fast

After decades of thinking about racing, I finally bit the bullet in 2008 and started road and mountain bike racing. As all road and mountain racers eventually find out, those are the two gateway drugs to cyclocross, a strange and powerful addiction to playing in the mud on skinny tires. It also turns out that cyclocross is the perfect bridge between the last road and mountain races of the summer and the first races of nordic ski season.

  • Road: Cat 4
  • MTN: Expert
  • Cross: Cat 3

Josh Gerak

Time Riding: 10 years

This whole racing thing is antipodal to my exploring nature. Show me some new back roads, trails or challenge and I'm at home. I first entered racing after a knee surgery, and I've grown to love it. Coming into my third year of racing, I'm learning measurement is a means to achieve results.

  • Road: Master B, C, Cat 3
  • Track: Cat 4
  • MTB: Sport
  • Cyclocross: Masters

Pete Hall

I started with the team in 2010. Born and raised in the Seattle area. I've been riding bikes for many years. I love going fast, hitting a dip, bump or banked corner that gives that feeling of adrenaline surging through your body. I also like being hands-on and maintaining my equipment. I started racing cyclocross in 2009, MTB 2010. I enjoy the camaraderie found in bike racing. In my experience, it's common to get encouragement from someone you're passing. Blue Rooster has an amazing group of family friendly riders that I continue to learn from, even at my ripe old age. Most of my free time is spent with family and friends outside. I've tried many adventurous sports to include hiking, backpacking, rock climbing, soccer, kayak surfing, sea kayaking and more, but now have narrowed my focus to mostly cycling and skiing. Now get out and ride!

  • MTB: Expert(Cat 1)
  • Cyclocross: Cat 2

Chris Johns

I joined the team late 2010 after wallowing about on my own for my first season racing on the road, track, and cyclocross. Racing and training with a team has made a very fun and rewarding pursuit even more fun. Racing in categories and events where there are others with similar capabilities has been the most entertaining for me and I actively seek out such events.

  • Road: Cat 4
  • Cross: Cat 4

Chris Lagerberg

Chris is an avid cyclocrosser and won the 2010 Seattle Cyclocross series for the Cat 4 master men 45+.ƒ

  • Road: Cat 4
  • MTB: Sport
  • Cyclocross: Cat 4

  • Rainer Leuschke

    I moved to Seattle many moons ago from Germany and stuck around. Coming from track and field, the long run has always been my strength. I have tried my hand (and legs) at a bunch of things from dinghy racing to kitesurfing and x-c skiing to triathlon. Now with a toddler at home, play time is a little more limited and a lot more focused and road racing seems to be a great fit. I have been with the team since 2007 and am enjoying the challenge of learning to race as a team.

    • Road: Cat 3
    • Cross: Cat 1-2
    • MTB: Expert

    Bill Reid

    I have been racing on Road and Track for the last 8 years, mostly in Masters’ categories. Last year I began mountain bike racing, completing my first Test of Metal race in Canada. When I am not on my bike I help build healthcare software at Microsoft, try to play guitar, and play with my 4 kids (on their bikes of course).

    • Road: Cat 4/Master C

    Michael Weaver

    Since joining the Blue Rooster team I have specialized in cyclocross. While racing the Seattle Cyclocross Cat 4 age 55+ series, I won a silver cowbell in 2010 and the gold cowbell in 2011. Joining a team is the best way to improve your fitness and bike handling skills. I hope to race at the masters nationals someday.

    • Cross: Cat 4
    • Track: Cat 4

    Andrew Wright

    I fell in love with mountain biking when I was in college at UC Santa Cruz in 2000 and entered my first couple of cyclocross races shortly afterwards. Some other things came up and I didn't ride much, or competitively, for a while. I resumed racing 'cross in 2008 and started racing cross country in 2009. I joined the team in 2011. My favorite riding spots are Tiger Mountain and Galbraith Mountain near Bellingham.

    • MTB: Sport
    • Cross: Cat 4